Quality Control

Environmental Policy

Quality Environmental Policy

Qual Diamond and its employees are committed to meeting customer and legal requirements in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Qual Diamond is committed to protecting the environment through the prevention of pollution and fulfilling compliance obligations. We will always strive to provide quality products on time and continually improve our Quality Environmental Management System in order to enhance environmental and quality performance.


Production & Quality Control:

Our products are made in the USA.

● Developed a strict quality control system for our products in order to  meet or exceed critical quality requirements in several different applications.

● We strictly follow ISO 9001:2015 requirements and the certificate is in the processing stage.


Diamond particles quality and purity control:

Raman Spectrometer

Particle Size, zeta potential, molecular mass, and distributions:

Malvern zetasizer, Microscopy

Nano/Microdiamond treatment analysis:

FTIR Spectrometer, Raman spectrometer, Malvern zetasizer, Microscopy (SEM,TEM), UV-Vis spectrometer, etc.