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  • Diamond Powders

    Diamond Powders

    Qual Diamond diamond powders are surface-engineered diamond particles suitable for a wide variety of applications from hand polishing to seeding to quantum engineering.

  • Diamond Slurries

    Diamond Slurries

    Qual Diamond diamond slurries are consisted of surface-engineered diamond particles and specifically formulated matrixes for lapping and precision polishing with exceptional finishes.

  • Diamond Tools

    Diamond Tools

    High quality CVD and PCD tools at unbeatable prices have long been a hallmark of Qual Diamond. Customization is also available. Contact us for more information.

  • Polishing Pads

    Polishing Pads

    High precision lapping and polishing with tight tolerances and parallelism can be achieved by polishing with the combination of Qual Diamond slurries and polishing pads.


Qual Diamond specializes in developing diamond powders and diamond slurries/suspensions for lapping and precision polishing. Qual Diamond’s success is powered by collaborative relationships with our customers, profound technical expertise, and dedicated workforce. Our technical team has 60+ years of combined experience in synthetic diamond, material science, and biotechnology.


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“The PCD Countersink Bit that Qual Diamond made for us works great! I’m more than happy to say I’m pleased with the outcome of this tool. On top of that, Qual Diamond was on top of the process every step of the way and was easy to work with. The bits we were using would only last for about 30-50 holes drilling fiberglass and carbide countersinks, Lasting for about 100 holes with the PCD Countersink that Qual Diamond made for us, We are currently able to produce 700 holes and still going. It’s really impressive how long it has lasted and doesn’t seem to be dulling out. We will definitely order similar tools in the future!”

- Valley Fab
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