Customer Testimonials

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From A Company in the United Kingdom

"We have tested the Dynaqual for several days now, with promising results on our substrate. In the pitch polishing process, we are achieving great contact with the material. We have seen no staining occur. The compound seems to last relatively long; we can confidently leave 15 minutes between each application. The compound achieves great form and roughness!"


From A Company in San Diego CA

"I am the co-owner of a successful polishing company in California. I have decades of experience working with different substrates ranging for Germanium to Sapphire. I tried many diamond slurries and powders from different companies in the past, but none gave me the finishes and results I wanted – until I tried Qual Diamond’s diamond polishing products. Qual Diamond’s nanotechnology-engineered slurries and powders have improved my yield rate from ~80% to ~98% by significantly reducing scratches, digs, sleeks, and other defects introduced by the lapping/polishing processes.

I will always be thankful for Qual Diamond’s products and services and recommend them to polishing professionals who are looking to improve their productivity and profitability."


From A Company in Rochester NY

"I am very impressed by both your diamond slurry and polishing pads. I have received many samples from vendors in the past and have never had a diamond/pad combination that achieves optical quality surfaces on the stainless steel mirrors I make. Your products are the first that have."

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