Customer Testimonials

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From A Company in San Diego CA

"I am the co-owner of a successful polishing company in California. I have decades of experience working with different substrates ranging for Germanium to Sapphire. I tried many diamond slurries and powders from different companies in the past, but none gave me the finishes and results I wanted – until I tried Qual Diamond’s diamond polishing products. Qual Diamond’s nanotechnology-engineered slurries and powders have improved my yield rate from ~80% to ~98% by significantly reducing scratches, digs, sleeks, and other defects introduced by the lapping/polishing processes.

I will always be thankful for Qual Diamond’s products and services and recommend them to polishing professionals who are looking to improve their productivity and profitability."


From A Company in Rochester NY

"I am very impressed by both your diamond slurry and polishing pads. I have received many samples from vendors in the past and have never had a diamond/pad combination that achieves optical quality surfaces on the stainless steel mirrors I make. Your products are the first that have."

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