Quality Control

Diamond Tools

Qual Diamond Quality Procedure for Tools

Qual Diamond strictly follows ISO 9001-2015 quality management system. We are in the process of certifying our quality management system.

Qual Diamond products pass strict multi point quality inspection process to ensure our products meet or exceed your expectations. Our multi point quality process parameters are critical for our products. In all our diamond tools we inspect:

1. Tool material composition

Qual diamond manufactures several types of machine tools from alloy steel tools coated with electroplated diamond to advanced PCD and CVD diamond tools. In CVD and PCD diamond tools we inspect using our state-of-the-art laboratory cobalt content. The cobalt content is the main factor in very small diameter CVD diamond coated tools flexural toughness.

2. Tolerance:

Qual diamond uses strict tolerance measurement standards, we inspect every tool to meet or exceed the tolerance threshold.

3. Surface finish

Surface finish is an important quality parameter in diamond tools. The surface finish affects the quality of machining and quality of end product. We inspect each tools surface finish to eliminate the effects in manufacturing.

4. Diamond coating distribution and quality

Diamond coating whether it is CVD coating or electroplated, it needs consistency and quality of diamond. Qual diamond inspects all tools to have consistent diamond coating.

5. Concentricity

Concentricity is important in cylindrical tools such as drill bits. Qual diamond inspects each tools concentricity to meet or exceed the set standards.