QPH Micro Diamond Powder


QPH diamond powder is created by the high-pressure high-temperature method. The QPH particles have highly irregular surfaces with numerous sharp edges due to its multi-crystalline physical property. Individual crystallites can break off the particle under stress to create new cutting edges, greatly improving material removal rate (MRR). Low purity and agglomeration of diamond particles are the common problems associated with polycrystalline diamond powder. Qual Diamond’s advanced surface modification technology eliminates these problems and deliver high-quality polycrystalline diamond powders free of impurities and aggregation with narrow size distribution. Expect consistent results and a precise finish free of blemishes with QPH polycrystalline diamond powder.



  • Rough surfaces with abundant contact points deliver high material removal rates.
  • Precise and high-quality surface finishes.
  • Advanced surface treatment prevents agglomeration.
  • High purity, narrow size distribution.




  • ●    Lapping and polishing a variety of materials for semiconductors, photonics and optics, advanced ceramics and composite materials that require superior finishes.
  • ●    Coatings for wear-resistant surfaces and thermal conductivity.
  • ●    Abrasives for wire saws and other tools.
  • ●    Abrasives for diamond slurries/gels.
  • ●    Seeding materials


Available Specifications