August 2022

New Polishing Products To Be Launched At Ceramics Expo 2022

New polishing products will be launched at Ceramics Expo 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio, August 30-31. Stop by Qual Diamond Booth 813 to find out more and pick up a free sample or two. We look forward to seeing you in Cleveland!

July 2022

Optics Technology Uses Qual Diamond Diamond Slurry

Written By Thom Chang, Sales Engineer

Optics Technology is an East Coast (Pittsford, NY) company founded by Mr. Jim Anderson in 1986. Optics Technology specializes in designing and manufacturing one-of-a-kind precision micro-optical and mechanical systems and assemblies. Over the decades, Optics Technology has worked on projects in aerospace, medical equipment, communication components, defense, and microscopy optical systems and won numerous awards.

Mr. Jim Anderson was a pupil of Mr. Martin Herbert Eisenhart. The Eisenhart family is a well-known, prominent American family. Mr. Martin Eisenhart’s brother, Mr. Luther Pfahler Eisenhart was a professor of mathematics at Princeton University and a great scientist who published influential works. Mr. Martin Eisenhart himself was a graduate of both Princeton University and MIT. After receiving his Chemical Engineering degree from MIT, he went to work for Eastman Kodak and then Bausch & Lomb, an optical manufacturer in Rochester, NY in those days, where he became the president of the company in 1935. The Eisenhart brothers’ father, Mr. Charles Augustus Eisenhart, was also an overachiever. He was a founder of the Edison Electric Light Company and York Telephone Company.

Back to present-day America - Optics Technology’s president, Mr. John Warda, was at SPIE Optifab 2021 Exhibition and stopped by Qual Diamond’s exhibition booth. Samples of Hydroqual and Dynaqual diamond slurries and polishing pads were eventually delivered to Optics Technology for testing on various applications. Optics Technology’s production manager, Mr. Ben Piatt, was delighted by the results on stainless-steel mirrors used in the aerospace industry and made the following comments: “I am very impressed by both your diamond slurry and polishing pads. I have received many samples from vendors in the past and have never had a diamond/pad combination that achieves optical quality surfaces on the stainless-steel mirrors I make. Your products are the first that have.”

To learn more about Optics Technology and its award-winning services, visit or speak with John Warda at 585.586.0950.

To learn more about Qual Diamond and its nanotech-driven products, visit or speak with Thom Chang at 858.348.7092.