Mono Micro Diamond Powder


QMM diamond powder are synthesized by the high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) method. The QMM diamond particles have an oriented crystal structure with parallel running planes similar to natural diamond. It is one of the hardest and purest carbon-based materials after Qual Diamond’s unique surface treatment, offering a high-efficient, low time-consuming solution for lapping and precision polishing.  The blocky particle shape ensures high stock removal rate during grinding and polishing. Qual Diamond’s advanced surface modification technology produce diamond particles with clean surface, high purity, and narrow size distribution. Expect first-rate results in terms of performance, quality, consistency, and reproducibility from QMM diamond powder.



  • High hardness and toughness.
  • High stock removal rate with good surface quality.
  • Clean surface, high purity, narrow size distribution.
  • Excellent thermal and chemical stability.



Malvern Instrument result for sample of M20/30 GYD-65 190520 showing narrow particle size distribution


Raman Spectroscopy showing high purity diamond



●   Grinding, lapping, and polishing of materials with hardness over 6 on Mohs scales, such as silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, germanium, sapphire, spinel, ruby, etc.

●   Lapping and polishing of ceramics, metals, wire drawing stones, PCD blanks, and jewelry stones.

●   Coatings for wear-resistant surfaces and thermal conductivity.

●   Grinding tools.