HSPH Diamond Slurries


Qual Diamond Hydroqual HSPH diamond slurries are formulated using a hydro-based matrix. The slurries are consisted of high-pressure high-temperature polycrystalline diamond particles suspended in a standard hydro-based matrix. Prolonged suspension is made possible by a proprietary surface modification technology, which prevents diamond particles from agglomerating. In terms of the numbers of sharp edges and finished roughness, HSPH lie somewhere between detonated polycrystalline and monocrystalline diamond slurries.



  •  Available sizes range from 1-60 µm.
  • Stable at a wide temperature range: -20 °C – 40 °C.
  • High material removal rates due to abundant sharp edges.
  • Higher friability than monocrystalline diamond also contributes to faster material removal rates.
  • Fine finishes.
  • Tight particle size distribution due to deagglomeration technology.
  • Chemically stable formulation.
  • Ease of cleaning up after lapping/polishing.