HAM Diamond Slurries


Qual Diamond’s Hydroqual HAM diamond slurries are formulated using an advanced  hydro-based matrix. The slurries are consisted of high-pressure high-temperature monocrystalline diamond particles suspended in a hydro-based matrix. Prolonged suspension is made possible by a proprietary surface modification technology, which prevents diamond particles from agglomerating. This specially formulated slurry is resistant to evaporation when exposed to air, making it an excellent alternative to oil-based diamond slurry. HAM slurries are ideal for lapping and polishing of materials high on the Mohs scale: sapphire, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, spinel, etc.



  •  Available sizes range from 0.1-60 µm.
  • Stable at a wide temperature range: -20 °C – 40 °C.
  • High material removal rates due to the lower friability of monocrystalline diamond.
  • High material removal rates due to abundant rough edges.
  • High purity (99-99.5%).
  • Tight particle size distribution due to deagglomeration technology.
  • Chemically stable formulation.
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • Ease of cleaning up after lapping/polishing.