Lapping of materials such as glass, crystals, advanced ceramics/composite materials, and metals is often achieved using iron, copper, steel, or metal-resin plate. While these lapping plates do not cost a lot to replace, replacing them often can create constraints on a budget. Qual Diamond Hydroqual Diamond Slurry (Specifically Formulated) for Plate preserves the integrity of lapping plates by forming a protective film on the plate, and thus prolonging the service life of the plate.

Lapping and polishing plates usually have different groove patterns for heat dissipation and material removal purposes. Qual Diamond Hydroqual Diamond Slurry (Specifically Formulated) for Plate has the desirable rheology that prevents abrasive accumulation in the groove pattern while maintaining excellent lapping and polishing performance. It also allows for easy clean up once the task is completed. In summary, Qual Diamond Hydroqual Diamond Slurry Specifically Formulated for Plate combines high-quality, uniquely surface-engineered diamond abrasives with a specifically formulated matrix to provide excellent material removal rate and exceptional surface quality.



  • Significant reduction of degradation of plate material.
  • Significant reduction of digs and scratches from lapping.
  • High material removal rate.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to clean up.