Diamond Slurry For Pitch


Pitch polishing is often used to achieve tight tolerances for surface flatness, surface roughness, parallelism, and cosmetics. To attain roughness in single-digit angstrom levels, significant skills and craftmanship are also required. Pitch polishing machines can perform single-sided processing or double-sided processing depending on its capability. The pitch table or plate where objects are polished has a semi-fluid surface with consistency similar to bitumen or asphalt. Chemical reactions can occur between the polishing slurry and pitch plate surface material during polishing, greatly reducing polishing efficiency and leading to damaged pitch plate surface.

Qual Diamond Hydroqual Diamond Slurry (Specifically Formulated) for Pitch has a matrix that is specially developed and formulated for pitch polishing by our scientists. It does not react with the surface material of the pitch plate. The inert slurry matrix eliminates agglomeration of diamond particles due to chemical reactions and allows each diamond particle to exert its polishing potential, significantly improving pitch polishing efficiency. In addition, the pitch surface material is not damaged from chemical reactions, making cleaning after the polishing process a breeze, and further improving efficiency.



  • Slurry matrix does not chemically react with pitch plate material.
  • Significant reduction of degradation of pitch plate material.
  • High material removal rate.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to clean up.