Diamond Slurry For Advanced Materials


Synthetic single crystal sapphire, transparent spinel ceramic, and silicon carbide are essential advanced materials for semiconductor and other industries due to their unique properties. Despite all the attractive features of these advanced materials, the high degree of hardness of these materials makes lapping and polishing difficult. Qual Diamond Hydroqual Diamond Slurry (Specifically Formulated) for Advanced Materials has the advantages of making these processes easy. The diamond slurry is consisted of surface-engineered diamond particles with narrow size distribution and an eco-friendly matrix that delivers exceptional surface finish. The Qual Diamond surface-engineered diamond slurry offers high material removal rates on various hard materials as compared to conventional chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) methods. It can turn hours of work into minutes, greatly reducing processing time and increasing efficiency. A great surface finish at the end of the process also eliminates reworking the workpiece, further improving cost benefits. Finally, the environmentally friendly formulation of the slurry makes clean up easy.



  • High material removal rate for hard advanced materials.
  • High first-time yield due to exceptionally how defectivity.
  • Cost benefits from reduction of processing time and rework.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to clean up.