A variety of materials can be polished using polishing pads and diamond slurry to achieve great surface finishes. These include copper, tungsten, silicon carbide, sapphire, oxides, and ultra-hard nitrides. Precision polishing with specific requirements can be achieved in successive steps with the proper combination of polishing pads and diamond slurry. It is thus important to know which type of pad and which appropriate slurry to use for different materials. Hydroqual Diamond Slurry (Specifically Formulated) for Pad is specifically crafted for polishing with pads. Qual Diamond also offer customized solutions that include the appropriate diamond slurry and compatible pads for different materials and applications.

The starting materials for Qual Diamond slurries are polycrystalline and monocrystalline diamond particles treated with Qual Diamond surface modification technology. These surface-engineered diamond particles confer the desirable characteristics of high material removal rate, reduction of digs and scratches, and precision tuning. The performance of Qual Diamond diamond slurries is positively confirmed with results from polishing with pads on various materials with different degrees of hardness.



  • Compatible with all commonly used polishing pads.
  • Tunable precision on different requirements.
  • Significant reduction of digs and scratches.
  • Great surface finishes.
  • High material removal rate.
  • Environmentally friendly.