D-Series Nano/Micro Diamond Powder


The Deagglomerated (D-) type of diamond powder is prepared and treated with Qual Diamond’s unique surface modification technology to eliminate aggregation of fine diamond particles and achieve a high level of purity. Qual Diamond modified diamond powder is engineered for ultra-precision polishing of a variety of materials with unparalleled surface finishes free of scratches. The treatment also removes impurities, making Qual Diamond’s QD modified diamond powder an ideal additive for a variety of industrial applications, such as oil and lubricant. The QD modified diamond powder is highly regarded by our customers for its outstanding performance.



  • High purity.
  • Narrow size distribution.
  • Advanced surface modification technology.
  • High material removal rate.


Size Distribution



●   Lapping and precision polishing of a variety of materials with high hardness indexes.

●   Additives for various industrial applications.

●   Abrasives for grinding wheels, tools, and polishing pads.

●   Seeding materials.