About Us

Company Overview

Qual Diamond specializes in developing and producing diamond powders and diamond slurries/suspensions for lapping and precision polishing, CVD diamond tools, PCD diamond tools, and EF drill bits. Qual Diamond’s success is powered by collaborative relationships with our customers, profound technical expertise, and dedicated workforce. Our technical team has 60+ years of combined experience in synthetic diamond, material science, and biotechnology.

Innovation and quality are in our DNA. Qual Diamond is the leading producer and supplier of highly deagglomerated and pure diamond nano- and micro-particles. Our proprietary surface treatment methods and stringent quality requirements deliver consistent results and cost benefits to our customers. These methods are developed by our nanotechnology lab, which alone generates over 20 Intellectual Properties (IP) on surface modification technology.

Another lab at our San Diego location is dedicated to developing methods and solutions for our customers. The lapping and polishing lab is equipped with lapping machines and other essential equipment for lapping and precision polishing. This lab provides us with the capabilities to test customers’ samples in-house and develop customized solutions that cater to different customers’ project requirements. We publish periodic case studies and share insights and tips on precision polishing with results generated by the lab.

Qual Diamond is also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and compliant. We control every step of the process from procuring raw materials to producing finished products. We utilize high-precision instruments from Europe and the US for particle sizing, elemental analysis, and impurity detection. All raw materials are eco-friendly and recyclable. Whether your applications be in semiconductor, optics and photonics, aerospace, advanced ceramics and composite materials, automotive, or medical devices, our dedicated team is ready to help you develop a bright future and create endless possibilities with the power of diamonds.

Our motto: “Quality is Our Life; Customers Are Our Priority.”

Our Mission:

Become the best-in-class manufacturer and supplier of diamond products for advanced industries.

“Quality Is Our Life; Customers Are Our Priority.”